Here's Why Beauty Brands Aren't Using CBD

  • 17 Dec, 2021

It was in September of this year that WLDKAT, a brand that deals in affordable skin care, reintroduced itself to its audience. A CBD-based product that was first launched at the beginning of the pandemic. CBD was the key ingredient in the product.

It's been reported that the ingredient has been eliminated altogether in its second iteration, leading to a decline in product prices of roughly $4-$6 per product. It was announced yesterday that WLDKAT would be available exclusively at Ultra Beauty starting the second week of July regardless of whether the brand would have launched there.

With regards to the Farm Bill's passage in 2018, many people interpreted it as an indication that more CBD products would be coming to the market in the near future. There are no shortage of beauty journalists who will testify that they've discovered their inboxes were flooded with pitches about CBD products between 2018 and 2019 and they've already experienced a blizzard of pitches.

The US market was flooded with products containing CBD, including skin care products. CBD-containing products have yet to change significantly, in part due to limitations that still exist that make it more difficult for them to be sold, indicating that the expected change hasn't taken place. Even four years after the expected changes were expected to take place, entrepreneurs are singing a different tune today.

There are various channels through which CBD can be marketed; it can be sold online, and it can be shipped internationally, using After Pay, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, and Klara - all of which do not support CBD - and having to pay more for each payment made through your website makes it increasingly challenging to sell it online.

"I believe it is an effective ingredient for skin care as well as something that can be introduced to reduce joint inflammation through consumption." WLDKAT's CEO Amy Zunzunegui says, "Out of all the work, even getting your business off the ground is a lot of work." Even though the industry has been legalized, the commerce side of the business is still in its infancy."

A possibility has been identified by WLDKAT that some of its customers may have been confused because of this mistake. To Zunzunegui, one of the most frequent questions asked about the brand is whether or not it is creating a high due to the CBD. The retail salesperson mentioned that the product is still polarizing amongst consumers as a result of its pure natural components.

Shea Marie, who is also the co-founder and influencer of The Fee list, has voiced many of the concerns that I have above. This week, Fee list announced that three products will be infused with CBD, including creams and bath salts that will be available on the Fee list website by August of 2020. Despite the fact that CBD-infused beauty products still exist, the company has decided to focus its efforts on CBD-free skin-care products out of concern about the sales and marketing of CBD-infused products in the skin care market.

While this CBD oil is the company's most popular seller, it still contained 500 milligrams of CBD, and has kept its prominence on the market for many years. Despite the CBD being present in only one of Marianne's products, she explained that the brand's success has not been hampered by the inclusion of the CBD.

When the oil was used on people's skin, the skin changed into different types of skin. I was so touched by the before and after pictures and the testimonials," said Marie. Following customer feedback, the company decided to focus more on skincare for the face.

"It is not necessary that you apply CBD to your skin in layers to gain its benefits." In other words, it is possible to include CBD in a single facial oil in order to get all of the benefits of this ingredient. Marie does not hesitate to release products such as its Total Package Youth Protecting Serum without CBD because she realizes the benefits that are associated with CBD. It is illegal to sell you CBD as a toner, a serum, or a cream, and anyone trying to do so will just be taking advantage of you."

In addition to Zunzunegui's point that CBD was never meant to define their brands, both Marie and Zunzunegui also stated that they did not expect CBD to become a problem for them. Several businesses have had their CBD sales limited through Shopify, for example, which has forced them to concentrate on their e-commerce business. Our consultant said that the cost of developing a custom Shopify site would be about ten times, or even one hundred times, more than the cost of a regular Shopify site.

It is also critical to keep in mind that pay-per-click advertisements can be problematic. The greatest hurdle that we face at the moment is paid advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, as these platforms offer paid advertisements. Unfortunately, none of these platforms allows us to advertise. Because of this, it has grown into an ongoing nightmare since the skin care industry requires a great deal of marketing knowledge in order to succeed.
It is an extremely competitive industry, which makes it even more challenging. In simple terms, if you own a company that sells CBD-infused products, and you are not able to advertise your products on the world's most influential platforms, you are going to lose market share to your competitors and let them grow at the expense of you. Marie had said, "You can't follow the example that they have set.”

In fact, it has just been extremely difficult", Marie explains, of releasing one new formula containing CBD that the company recently released. But Marie and Alexandra Vreeland both liked the CBD formulation so much, they decided to wait "until we see what happens in the industry first," Marie continues. The CBD campaign isn't over yet, Marie says. The campaign is still going strong."