Does CBD, Or Herbal Supplements Have Any Effect on The Heart?

  • 25 May, 2022
  • It is becoming increasingly popular to use herbal supplements, including cannabis derivatives.
  • Accessories can be bought over the counter and aren't as closely regulated like medications.
  • Certain supplements used in excessive amounts can result in severe heart problems, according to a recent case study.

In recent years, more and more people have begun taking supplements. Although supplements may carry a certain amount of health benefits, their unregulated nature makes them a risk that should be weighed carefully before birth.

A report recently published in Heart Rhythm Case Reports illustrates that excessive use of certain substances such as hemp oil, may result in serious health issues such as heart attacks.


Herbal supplements are popular.

There are a variety of health benefits associated with herbal supplements. Dietary supplements, such as those from Trusted Source, contain more of the substances contained in food, such as vitamins or minerals. However, it is essential to note that FDA regulations regarding dietary supplements are not as exhaustive as those for medications. In an interview with Medical News Today, Dr. Edo Paz, vice president of medical for K Health, explained the problem with supplements as follows:

"Because the FDA regulates supplements differently than medications, the supplements are not well-studied, so the precise characteristics and side effects are not well known. You may even see variations in the preparation based on the distributor and batch."

Due to the lack of valuable data about supplements, Dr. Paz advises his patients to stay away from them. The chances of side effects and drug-supplement interactions are high if they plan to use these supplements. Still, this is not always possible due to a lack of data on their potential consequences," he added.

Calcium, vitamin D, garlic, and ginkgo are a few examples of typical supplements in the average diet. Sometimes, supplements can be a blend of several substances, such as the supplement known as berberine, which may aid in the improvement of heart issues and gut health.

The CBD Market

Some of the supplements that have gained quite a popularity lately contain cannabis derivatives. This includes hemp oil and These are two examples of products that contain CBD. Similarly, CBD may help to relieve pain and may reduce anxiety. In the same way, hemp oil may reduce muscle tension and stress.

Currently, the FDA has approved using a single derivative of CBD oil for medicinal purposes, Peridiole, which can be used to treat seizures. However, different products of marijuana are still available as supplements, which means that patients can buy and consume them without medical supervision.

Six Times The Recommended Dose

This case report aims to examine one woman, 56, and her severe symptoms associated with her use of supplements. She was experiencing episodes of syncope (fainting) and dizziness associated with her supplement usage. She was diagnosed with low blood pressure and Torsade de Pointes, an abnormal rhythm in the heart that can be life-threatening. Her QTc was also prolonged, which indicates that the heart's electrical signals are improperly regulated. Torsade de Pointes often accompany the prolonged QTc.

The magnesium levels in her body were also low, so she underwent intravenous magnesium and saline fluid therapy, and her heart rate normalized. Her medical history was not unusual, but she revealed that she had been taking hemp oil in a form that contained both CBD and (CBG). She explained that she was taking the drug to alleviate stress and taking it six times the recommended dose. She was also taking supplements that contain berberine. After five days in the hospital, her heart rhythm returned to normal after doctors stopped all supplement use.

Considering the data from this patient and their analysis of the information regarding the supplements, the study authors believe that these supplements may have caused this patient's QTc prolongation. The case showed what the doctor described as 'a frightening side effect of herbal supplements.'

According to Dr. Howes, the patient used various supplements in this case, which resulted in another cardiac abnormality known as QT prolongation, and even experienced a potentially lethal consequence of QT prolongation known as Torsades de pointe which can manifest itself as sudden death, according to MNT. The clinical team was able to identify the cause of these symptoms, and the electrical abnormality subsided after the patient stopped taking this mc.

Dangers Of Combining Supplements

A recent case study examined the use of supplements by one individual and the potential for severe cardiac problems that may result. However, it is crucial to remember that she took excessive hemp oil. Aside from the above, the patient took more than one supplement, so it is unlikely that one supplement alone can be responsible for her heart problems.

In addition to not participating in the study, Professor Gary Stephens from the University of Reading noted that more clinical trials are needed in order to evaluate the effects of these supplements. He stated, "We need to implement controlled clinical trials involving medications with clearly defined active ingredients of the standardized composition."

The latter point was made by Prof. Stephens, who stated that, in his opinion, there had been no adverse cardiovascular effects attributed to CBD in clinical trials. In conclusion, he noted that, although he was not familiar with the compound of berberine, the authors themselves made the point that berberine was associated with cardiac side effects in the title of their article.

A cannabis expert who wasn't part of the study, Stephen Alexander at the University of Nottingham, said people should use supplements with caution. I don't expect CBD or hemp oils to affect cardiovascular health in a substantial and widespread manner adversely.

The study still underscores that these products need to be respected and taken seriously rather than overdosed on or combined with poorly characterized supplements," he told MNT. The study revealed a need to educate consumers about the need to take supplements and, in particular, those made from cannabis, as well as to build awareness about the supplements' use.

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